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Industry knows only one way, and that's forward

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Evolving, adapting, transforming. Industry is continuously developing, embracing new challenges and technologies and new ways of doing business. This scenario of on-going changes, plus a competitive market, demands more qualified professionals and an acute look to see the trends that might establish the future of industry.

Qualifying the full professional and conducting industry towards the future is the mission of SENAI (National Industrial Training Service of the State of Rio de Janeiro), a Sistema FIRJAN (Federation of the Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro) institution offering professional education and promoting innovation to all the industries of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

From industrial training to post-graduation, SENAI delivers highly qualified professionals to the various industrial sectors, joining classroom theory to intensive practice in modern workshops and laboratories that reflect the reality of present-day industry. By the end of the course, the SENAI Professional is ready to face any challenge. And in delivering a better professional for the industry, we are also delivering a better citizen.

SENAI uses innovation to pave the way for the development of industry. SENAI has four technology centers specialized in Bioprocesses, Environment, Metallurgy and Simulation to offer customized technological solutions essential for a more competitive, technological and updated industry.

The industry evolves and SENAI follows along.



SENAI's differentials

Innovation, technology and professional qualification that transform


  • Practical classes in modern workshops and laboratories

  • Over 90% of the companies prefer hiring professionals trained by SENAI*

  • Over 70 years of experience in the professional training for the industry

  • Four technology centers offering services thoughout the state

* Source: SENAI’s external evaluation program – DDE/GPE



The best professionals are trained at SENAI


Professional education

SENAI joins classroom theory and practice in modern workshops and laboratories that simulate the work environment of a present-day industry.  In order to make learning easier and put students in contact with innovation, SENAI also uses technology such as simulators, augmented 3D reality and latest-generation equipment. As a result, the student is prepared to face the challenges of the work market. The industry also gains as it can count on a highly-qualified professional. That is why 90% of the companies prefer hiring professionals trained by SENAI.

SENAI offers courses for the different industrial sectors in the modalities: industrial training, initiation, perfectioning, qualification and technical. All these courses can be delivered in company, remotely or in the several fixed and mobile schools throughout the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Higher education

Faculdade (University) SENAI Rio offers technology graduation, extension and post-graduation courses. The courses are aligned with market demands and needs and given by qualified professors well-known in their respective areas. The University also counts on the SENAI brand: uniting theory and practice in modern workshops and laboratories.

Professional certification

Professional certification by SENAI Rio is another tool that helps making a more competitive industry as it is a formal recognition of the professional competence of workers by means of technical evaluations, ensuring the level of performance and qualification demanded by the market.  Competence recognition for professional qualification is offered, through the certification of people performing in specific areas, as well as through the evaluation for professional certification according to the demand of companies.

SENAI Talent Bank

Access to thousands of CVs of professionals qualified by SENAI Rio, divided according to the industrial segment and region, to help the industry in the search for the ideal professional.

Double School

SENAI, in partnership with the government of the state of Rio de Janeiro, offers professional courses to students from public state schools, along with regular classes. Apart from improving the school performance of students and reducing dropout, these courses qualify young professionals for the work market. This is very good for the industry as well as for society in general.


The National Program of Access to Technical Teaching and Employment (Pronatec) was created by the federal government in 2011 and has been conducted in partnership with SENAI. It expands the offer of free-of-charge courses in professional and technological education to High School and Adult Education students, as well as any other interested students.

Technology and Innovation

SENAI has four technology centers offering technological solutions transversally to meet all industrial sectors and help increase the competitiveness of companies. These centers offer applied research, product development, technological advisory and laboratory analysis services in the following areas:
• Bioprocesses
• Environment
• Metallurgy
• Simulation
SENAI also has a laboratory of clay-based ceramics for civil construction.


In the SENAI FabLab students are encouraged to develop the entire productive process to build solutions for the industry – from the idea to the prototype, going through all the stages until the final evaluation of the result. Using a modern environment and stimulating innovation, SENAI is qualifying even better prepared and innovative professionals.



SENAI's programs and actions



Prototyping laboratory that counts on physical and software resources to reach the end product, a partnership between SENAI and the FabLab (of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT) laboratory network, focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ampliação da rede de escolas

Expanding the school network

Besides the various fixed units, many classes are given in a growing fleet of mobile schools, with air-conditioned classrooms, workshops and laboratories. They are equipped with didactic kits for workshops according to the industrial sector: from civil construction to telecommunications.


Modern workshops and laboratories

In order to qualify professionals that are even better prepared for the challenges of the work market, SENAI joins classroom theory to practice in modern workshops and laboratories that simulate a real industrial environment. In order to make learning easier and put students in contact with innovation, SENAI also uses technology such as simulators, augmented 3D reality and latest-generation equipment. The purpose is qualifying better prepared professionals to face the challenges of present-day industry.



Be part of the network of companies represented by the Sistema FIRJAN and increase your competitiveness with special access to all services from SESI, SENAI and IEL.