Industries in Rio

Rio de Janeiro, a state ready for large investments

Scenario for the State of Rio de Janeiro

Brazil has established itself as an important gateway for foreign investment and the State of Rio in particular has been of interest due to the diversity of its businesses and products with potential for internationalization, both in traditional sectors such as oil and gas, as well as in the creative industry, with fashion, for example.

With a GDP higher than countries such as Singapore and Chile, the State of Rio has the second largest GDP in Brazil. It has a vibrant, diversified economy and it is booming, with estimated investments of U$ 98.6 billion in the coming years.

The Firjan was one of the first, and biggest, business associations in Brazil. Actively supporting businesses for more than 180 years, Firjan’s goal is to promote competitiveness, education and quality of life for workers and society, contributing to the sustainable development of the State.

Some numbers for Rio de Janeiro:


How Firjan helps in this scenario

Firjan contributes to the sustainable development of the State of Rio, being a powerful ally of the entrepreneur. We offer professional training for the industry workforce, promote access to innovation for companies, we liaise with the public and private sectors, in addition to providing various opportunities for education, culture and ensuring quality of life for society. Encouraging and stimulating an increasingly competitive and innovative environment, we help Rio State industries to achieve even more positive results.


Planned Investments

According to Decision: Rio, a Firjan report, between 2014 and 2016 Rio de Janeiro State will receive more than U$ 98 billion in investments. Find out more about the sectors that will receive these investments, as well as those planned for infrastructure.


Business partnership

Firjan offers a series of products and services to support business between Rio de Janeiro and foreign companies. Our objective is to expand overseas markets, favor commercial partnerships and contribute to the construction of an environment conducive to international business in the state of Rio de Janeiro. For this, we promote the exchange of information, identify new trends, technologies and business models abroad, establish exchanges with similar entities in other countries and provide support to investors according to their needs.

We defend the interests of the industry of Rio de Janeiro, follow the guidelines of trade negotiations and propose actions to improve the international business environment and foreign trade.

Firjan's international activities are supported by the Business Council of International Relations, which tracks the relevant issues to stimulate Foreign Trade and International Relations, analyzes the external scenario and its relationship with the Brazilian market, and defines litigation that can stimulate competitiveness of the state of Rio de Janeiro and national industry.

Understand how we can assist you in the international performance of your company:

Foreign trade 
Here you have access to information on technical advice, documents for export and import, training, market research and action to improve the business environment in foreign trade in Rio.

Advice on foreign trade 
Guidance for Firjan’s member companies on import and export procedures, taxation, administrative procedures, special customs regimes, export funding, trade protection, among other topics. For more information, contact us (

Protection of legal interests 
Firjan follows the publication of new laws and regulations and the performance of import and export agencies. Thus, we consolidate the positioning of Rio de Janeiro industry in matters of international trade and collaborate to resolve lawsuits and foreign trade difficulties of Firjan’s member companies. If you have any difficulty in international business, please contact us (

Business Intelligence 
For an international activity to be successful, it is fundamental to structure a market positioning strategy. In order to assist companies in this stage, we offer customized commercial intelligence services, which include surveying potential markets for exports, target market analysis, requirements and compliance of necessary certificates for products to be exported to a specific country, among other information necessary to support the decision-making process of a company before exporting.
There are three options for commercial intelligence services: Overview - market selection; Access - target market strategy; and Access + - target market strategy and product suitability. To learn more, contact us (

Export / Import Documents Issuance:
Firjan issues important foreign trade documents to stimulate the competitiveness of Rio de Janeiro industry.

Origin Certificate 
Document that guarantees that your product is Brazilian and is entitled to tariff reduction benefits in several countries. Learn more about the Origin Digital Certificate. If you have questions, contact us (
Non-Similarity Certificate
Document required by the Treasury Department of Rio de Janeiro State with the purpose of generating tax benefits related to VAT on the operation of import or interstate acquisition of products without similar ones in the state. We issue the certificates through Public Inquiries to all the industries of Rio state. Learn more about the Non-Similarity Certificate. If you have questions, contact us (
ATA Carnet
International customs document that facilitates the export and temporary import of goods and products, without the payment of taxes. With it, items such as trade samples, trade show articles and professional equipment can enter and leave more than 76 countries for a period of one year with ease and little red tape. The ATA Carnet allows greater agility and safety, since all customs formalities are solved with only one document. Learn more about the ATA Carnet. If you have any questions, please e-mail us (

Training and knowledge

Courses, lectures, seminars and workshops to inform, empower and update the entrepreneur about the international business environment.

Training in foreign trade
For success in doing business abroad, one must be prepared to deal with international practices. Firjan offers courses throughout the year and training programs in foreign trade, with subjects demanded by the market. The courses are carried out in partnership with entities of reference in the sector and provide operational, managerial, legal and financial cases of the international business. For more information about training, e-mail or contact us at (21) 2563-4600.

Seminars and Workshops 
Firjan holds international seminars and workshops for the exchange of information, presentation of new world trends, technologies and business models, to capacity build and update the entrepreneur of Rio de Janeiro regarding business environment abroad.

We also provide spaces for debate and networking among entrepreneurs and representatives of several areas linked to international trade, which offer opportunities to update and expand knowledge and debates on various foreign trade topics.

Rio Exporta
Monthly study where we show data and analysis on the foreign trade of Rio de Janeiro state: exports, imports, trade balance and trade chain.

Access the latest editions of Rio Exporta.

Foreign trade assessment of Rio de Janeiro state 
A research that identifies Rio de Janeiro entrepreneur’s approach to foreign trade. This assessment points out the problems faced by our companies and prioritizes, based on the feedback of the entrepreneurs, the barriers to be overcome in order to increase competitiveness in the international market.

Read the latest editions of the Foreign Trade Assessments.


Foreign Trade Warnings 
Information and news relevant to companies related to international trade. 

Access the foreign trade warnings



Partnerships and business with companies and institutions abroad

Information. Benchmarking. World trends.

International Cooperation
We build partnerships with international organizations, foreign public and private institutions in order to fortify the trade exchange, the development of projects and the strategic alliances, in close collaboration with other sectors of the federation.

Commercial Disclosure 
• Inbound Missions 
Hosting foreign business and governmental delegations that seek to know the business opportunities in Rio de Janeiro state and intend to get in touch with its entrepreneurs to establish new business partnerships. Booking business meetings that stimulate new businesses and exchange of informations.
• Outbound Missions 
Supporting Rio’s entrepreneurs to exchange experiences, learn about new technologies, identify new business opportunities, analyze market trends and develop activities to expand their businesses. Foreign missions include participation in international fairs, technical visits, business roundtables, among other activitiess.

Investor support
Firjan encourages international and national investors to deploy, expand or reallocate their companies within Rio de Janeiro state and make them increasingly competitive and productive. To comply with this, we integrate the entire portfolio of products and services, providing strategic information to support their decision-making, as well as promoting dialogue with key players with the possibility of extra infrastructure.

We also put you in touch with the network of member companies, enabling the identification of local partners, customers and suppliers. If you have any questions, please contact Investor Support (

We also offer to the international and national businessmen guidance on funding lines and contact with financial institutions through the Credit Access Center (NAC). The NAC is a network formed by 20 Industry Federations, coordinated by the National Confederation of Industries (CNI). In addition, we act as BNDES Information Office, clarifying questions regarding the institution's credit lines.

If you are seeking guidelines on access to credit, send an e-mail to NAC (

Firjan Member
In addition to all the products and services, Firjan’s members, through the trade unions of industries or Firjan CIRJ, count on personalized advice, customized attention in the areas of import and export procedures, commercial protection, guidance on funding lines, among other issues. The members also have differentiated fees for capacity building in foreign trade and commercial intelligence services.

We also act on behalf of member companies’ interests and lawsuits, relative to foreign trade and international negotiations.

Here's how to become a Firjan Member and benefit from our institutions.

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Foreign businessman 

Through Firjan´s international area, the foreign entrepreneur has direct contact with the network of member companies. Therefore, you have the opportunity to establish partnerships with local companies, identify partners, customers and suppliers, thus sign interesting deals for both sides.

In addition, the foreign entrepreneur has strategic information, dialogue with key players in the implementation of investments and a good infrastructure support. All this to establish your company locally. Therefore, Firjan also offers services and solutions from Firjan SENAI, Firjan SESI and Firjan IEL to increase the competitiveness of companies:

Firjan SENAI professional education courses to train and qualify experts for your company.
• Innovation and technology
Firjan SENAI‘s technological solutions and innovation in several areas: environment, metallurgy, bioprocesses and simulation, among others.
• Workplace safety
Diverse Firjan SESI’s workplace safety services to keep your employees safe.
• Executive education
Firjan IEL courses to train and update entrepreneurs on various topics.

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