Who we are

The success of an industry depends on several factors: efficient  productive chain, qualified leaders with entrepreneurial vision, upgraded professionals, technology and innovation, health and safety for the workers, public policies and a favorable business environment in order to produce more and be more competitive.

However this is not enough.  A developed industry brings jobs and income. A developed industry is fundamental for the economy improvement and creates new business, stimulates technological innovation, and all of this is important for the development of the state of Rio and its inhabitants

The mission of Firjan, that represents all the industries of the state of Rio, is to ensure sustainable growth considering the 101 Unions.  With its five organizations Firjan SENAI – National Service for Industrial Learning of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Firjan SESI - Industry Social Service of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Firjan IEL – Euvaldo Lodi Institute of the state of Rio de Janeiro and Firjan CIRJ – Industrial Center of the state of Rio de Janeiro, the Firjan works in basic areas like entrepreneurial competitiveness , education and life quality for the worker and family.

The integrated work of all these organizations is quite surprising:  it links in a single place all the support, incentive, information and solutions to stimulate the development of the industry.  Therefore, whatever is the challenge, the entrepreneur knows that he will always have the whole support of Firjan.  And the citizens will have our commitment to improve and transform the state of Rio.

Meet all the organizations that are part of the Firjan and know how each one changes the industry:




To promote business competitiveness, education and quality of life of the worker and society, contributing to the sustainable development of the state of Rio de Janeiro.



Firjan's highlights

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Firjan SESI Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the subjects that impairs the performance of the industry workers.  Unfortunately Brazil is not doing well in this subject, proof of this is the world ranking in Mathematics and Logical Reasoning, Brazil is in 53rd place*. Firjan SESI Mathematics has come to change this ranking. With modern educational practices and technology the program stimulates the understanding of Mathematics that becomes interesting and allows the training for working place.


Modern  laboratories and workshops

In order to qualify professionals for the challenges of the market place, Firjan SENAI links theory in class with practice in workshops and modern laboratories that simulate a real industrial environment.  Besides that, in order to facilitate understanding and allowing the contact with innovation Firjan SENAI uses technologies such as simulators, 3D augmented reality and state of the art equipment. All this is viewing the qualifying of professionals prepared for the challenges of the current industry.


Firjan Fiscal Management Index

How do the municipalities manage their resources and how does the bad management influence competitiveness  in the industry? The  IFGF shows how taxes paid by the people are managed by the municipalities, allowing the entrepreneur to know the quality of the fiscal management and if your municipality will be enabled to invest in the basic areas for industry such as utilities, innovation, logistics and others.


Be part of the network of companies represented by the Firjan and increase your competitiveness with special access to all services from Firjan, Firjan SENAI Firjan SESI, Firjan IEL and Firjan CIRJ.